Airline Travel Safety Kit (Long Flight)

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Picture shows our 'Short Flight' Airline Travel Kit. 'Long Flight' Airline Travel Kits contain over double the quantity of protective equipment.

Our Airline Travel Kits include personal protection essentials to make your flight safe and stress free. Whether you're on a short or long flight, rest assured that all of your needed personal safety equipment is packed and sealed inside one convenient, resealable airline travel kit.

Airline Travel Kit (Long Flight) includes:

  • 2x  3-ply disposable mask (individually-wrapped)
  • 1x  Hand sanitizing gel (multi-use pouch)
  • 3x  Surface sanitizing towelette (single-pack)
  • 2x  Nitrile gloves (pair)

Components of our Airline Travel Kit are always sourced from reputable, FDA-registered suppliers. We place an emphasis on traveler safety and cleanliness, which is why each piece of our Airline Travel Kit is individually wrapped, and then all pieces are sealed within a larger outer bag.

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